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New permanent installation—Girls Writing the World: A Library Reimagined

Illuminating the literary contributions made by, for, and about women, the interactive, reimagined Juliette Gordon Low library elevates the mission of Girl Scouts. Evident in the 1913 Interpreter badge and today’s Netiquette badge, proficiencies in reading, writing, and speaking have played fundamental roles in the growth of Girls Scouts, fostering their curiosity, exploration, and intellect.

Tracing the arc of female writers and speakers from the beginning of time to the present, and inspired by muses, goddesses, and heroines, the framework for this installation draws on the themes of memory, knowledge, imagination, poetry, and wisdom. As “a room of their own,” the library provides girls of all ages with a space in which to see themselves reflected and to find their own voices. Nourishing the senses, it can inspire them to remember, know, imagine, rhyme, and reason, and from this, to grow wise, as they make the world a better place.

Watch the transformation in a time-lapse video!