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Small Objects, Big Legacy: Savannah Showcases Girl Scout History Using Artifacts from Juliette Low’s Birthplace


A visit to the Juliette “Daisy” Low Birthplace is a big event for a Girl Scout troop.  Girls hold huge fundraisers, and travel great distances to experience the home of the founder of our movement.  Once inside Daisy’s large childhood home, Girl Scouts are delighted by the tiny treasures that await in every room.  From sketches by Daisy, to items from her travels, to Girl Scout artifacts that trace the rich history of the movement, the objects housed at the Birthplace tell a story of girl empowerment that began right here in Savannah, Georgia.  Recently, we partnered with the City of Savannah to use a few of those objects to help tell the story of Savannah itself.

“Small Treasures”, an exhibit at Savannah’s City Hall, opens July 7, 2017 and features small objects from eight cultural institutions.  Girl Scouts lent four items from our early years of establishing the Birthplace as a site for girls to visit, make new friends, and be inspired by Daisy’s story. 

In 1953, Girl Scouts spent $65,000 to purchase Juliette’s birthplace, but additional funds were needed for the restoration.  Fundraising to restore the site combined an organized national effort with grassroots fund drives led by leaders across the United States.

What will visitors find on exhibit? They will see a 1950s receipt book used to track contributions and early brochures and postcards promoting the site, which encouraged girls to think of the home as belonging to them—a philosophy that holds true to today! Additionally, an early, larger version of the Birthplace’s beloved pin is on display. This pin is earned by Girl Scouts who visit the home and was designed in honor of Juliette’s nickname.

At Girl Scouts of the USA, we hope that every girl can see herself reflected here and that a visit to the Birthplace will inspire her to be a girl of courage, confidence and character who makes the world a better place.


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