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Girl Scout Alums from Across the Nation Gather in Savannah

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Last month, a group of 60 Girl Scout alums, troop leaders and supporters wandered from all corners of the United States to Savannah, the city where the Girl Scout Movement was born over 106 years ago. Here they participated in a convening hosted by the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace called “Wander Woman: A Girl Scout Wayfaring Weekend,” which featured a broad range of activities and experiences centered on themes of women, travel, and global citizenship.


Our goals for Wander Woman were as follows:

1. To demonstrate the power of cultural resources to add value to our lives and the Girl Scout Movement.

2. To inspire Girl Scout audiences as global citizens and lifelong learners.

3. To pilot an updated program model that further positions the Birthplace as the Girl Scout Movement's heart home - an instrumental hub for transformative ideas and experiences.


Check out the Wander Woman Program Guide


But don’t take it from us! Participants have shared back about…

… gaining new knowledge:

“I learned so much about the value and importance of travel for Girl Scouts from the diverse experiences of the Wander Women attending the event. Both in casual discussions and formal breakout sessions, I gained a renewed excitement for Girl Scouts’ role in global understanding.”

“The Over Tea Cups tour of the Birthplace was my favorite activity; it demonstrated an exciting way of interpreting our history, mission, and understanding our founder. The experience will help me to think more creatively in fulfilling our Council mission.”

“I gained insight into the many facets of Juliette's cultural outlook, as a socialite, adventurer, and independent woman.”

“Making travel journals was something you could take back and do with any scout level.”

…finding meaning in our cultural resources:

“I loved the events at the Birthplace. The evening reception, the tea tour, the journal event, etc. The Birthplace is the "hub" of our program and a comfortable place for us.”

“The keynote was inspiring and the historic film footage [at the film screening] was amazing.”

“The Gullah Geechee program moved me to tears. The story was unforgettable. The musicians and storytellers so talented.”

“The [poetry workshop] allowed us all to say who we were in concrete terms.”

“The Birthplace’s Over Teacups tour presented information about Juliette Gordon Low and trailblazing scouts in a distilled and memorable way; the India Diary dialogue presented the difficulties of seeing Juliette as a real person with significant flaws who was also an astonishingly productive woman.”

…feeling inspired to take action (including to travel more!):

“I want to encourage more girls to travel, especially in Girl Scouts. I am also going to be more cognizant of traveling as a woman, traveling with privilege, and how I can better connect with other women as I travel for work, pleasure, and Girl Scouts.”

“I want to get my Brownies camping and traveling.”

“I want to think about my own blind spots [when traveling and getting to know other cultures].”

“I want to rejoin GSUSA. It's an incredibly good organization.”

“I just might get myself a passport. I have an RV trip planned with a goal to visit all 50 states. I might make a larger version of the travel journal to keep track of my progress.”

…and having a wonderful time in Savannah:

“My roommate and I never stopped taking in Savannah! It was one of the most pleasant holidays I have ever remembered. Thank you "staff" for all you did to get this event as special as it was!”

“GREAT JOB! Always a pleasure to come to Savannah and it is always hard to leave.”

“A trip to Savannah is always a great experience and the "true, vested" leader feels a calling to be there, defend the story, the history and the program. Every girl who is a "real" Girl Scout should make it a goal to visit the Birthplace. It really should be the first trip for troops when they decide to travel. It makes it "real" for them and helps with retaining girls and leaders. Thanks again.”

“Again, it was a phenomenal weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed. I met a lot of interesting people, learned new things, and experienced many exciting things. Thank you.”

“I had a wonderful, engaging time. Also, I truly enjoyed meeting the wonderful women who attended Wander Woman. I had not expected to want to hear everybody's stories--and tell my own--as much as I did. Women of a certain age are consumed with wanting to tell our stories--but so were the younger women who attended. “No one left out” could be a motto of Girl Scouts, and Wander Woman reinforced that idea.”

Here is what they will share with others about their experience:

“I will tell adult Girl Scouts that this event was an opportunity for learning, enjoyment, and a special experience. In a uniquely Girl Scout way, this program connects us to our commitment and love of Girl Scouting, our shared goals, and our sisterhood.”

“Excellent, interesting, well-paced. Important to bridge past and history and current Girl Scout program and relevancy.”

“I will talk about the Birthplace’s Library [Girls Writing the World: A Library, ReImagined] and it meeting the needs of today’s girls and encourage them to go.”

“How open the Birthplace was to everyone participating in the event and how the staff is working to create a wider historical view of Juliette Low and the Girl Scout movement and making the birthplace a relevant part of where we came from as well as where we are going.”

“It was a good event, and wonderful to spend time in the company of amazing women, and also feel heard by GSUSA.”

“As a leader, I feel more prepared to answer questions about Girl Scout history as they come up from the girls. I would share this event with women from my service unit and encourage them to visit Savannah.”

“Perhaps the Savannah event cemented my love of Girl Scouts and what an outstanding organization it is!”


Check out our event photo gallery and see for yourself how much fun these Wander Women had in Savannah!