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About Our Shop

From Girl Scout merchandise, to locally made soaps and honey, to fair-trade items from all over the world, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace shop offers a unique selection of gifts and souvenirs for everyone. We feature girl and women makers worldwide, who produce beautiful, handmade artisan goods. We are proud to support women-owned businesses, as well as better trading conditions and sustainability in developing countries.

For visiting Girl Scouts, our insignia make for fabulous mementos of Daisy’s home. The very special Birthplace pin is available for purchase by all Girl Scouts who tour the site and can be worn on the front of a Girl Scout uniform (again, as long as the wearer is a member!). Plus, pick up Friendship pins for your Girl Scout friends back home, and inspire them to make their own pilgrimage to the home of our founder!

Planning a troop visit to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace? Order birthplace T-shirts for your group in advance, or give us a call—we’re happy to help.