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Troop Service Projects

Troop crafts handmade by Girl Scout troops are sold in our museum store. These crafts provide visitors with something fun and girl-made to take home with them, as well as give visiting Girl Scouts ideas for projects of their own.


Troop Craft Guidelines

• Your troop can bring handmade crafts when you visit, or mail them to the store.
• We accept a maximum of 12 items per troop.
• We cannot accept food, soap, potpourri, or other perishable items.
• Include instructions for making the item(s), if appropriate.
• Tag each item with the maker’s first name, troop number, council, where you’re from, and (if you like) a fun fact about your troop or hometown.

Bring a book for our reimagined library! Our library celebrates books, poems, stories, and songs by, for, and about women and girls all over the world. Your troop can be a part of our living library by donating some of your favorite books to inspire other visitors to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace.


Book Donation Guidelines

• Your troop can bring books when you visit, or mail them to the birthplace.
• We accept a maximum of three books per troop.
• Books can be new or gently used.
• Books can be fiction or non-fiction and for children or adults, as long as they are by, for, or about women and girls.
• If you like, include a note in each book, with your first names, troop number, council, and why the book is important to you.
• Note that we are most in need of poetry books!

Maps and sheet music have turned out to be popular materials for our 2016 Be True to Your Selfie art studio session. Help us use resources wisely by donating old maps and music to be used in Girl Scout self-portrait collages.


Maps and Sheet Music Guidelines

• Your troop can bring maps and/or sheet music when you visit, or mail them to the birthplace.
• We accept a maximum of 30 map/music sheets per troop, or five map or music books per troop.
• Maps and music can be new or old (even really old!), as long as they’re clean and in good condition.